FERALIST ET 30 DE FRANCE 15 juin 2017

1 DIRTY DEEP what’s flowin in my veins Deaf rock / l’autre distribution
2 WHITE RATTLESNAKE too loud Tartine / Inouies
JIM JONES & RIGHTEOUS MIND super natural Masonic records
3 WICKED wicked Autoprod
GOV’T MULE revolution come Concord / Universal
4 DON JOE RODEO COMBO Anciens westerns Pop sisters / PIASZ
JOHN MORELAND big bad luv 4AD records
5 FREDDA land 03h50 / l’autre distribution
BROR GUNNAR JANSSON and the great unknown part 2 Normandeep records
SUNFLOWERS the intergalactic guide…. Only lovers records
6 CUBICAL blood moon Halfpenny records
7 CARMEN MARIA VEGA santa Maria at(h)ome / Wagram
BIG MOON love in the 4th dimension Caroline
DECLINE heroes on empty streets PIAS
KINKY WIZZARDS quirky musings White knight records
8 GARCONS TROTTOIRS doux, durs et dingues 14 records / l’autre distribution
BLONDIE pollinator BMG
9 LIVINGSTONE Livingstone Noa music
10 SUPERGOMBO explorations Z prod / Inouies
11 DAS KINO the call of a vision do you like / Musicast
AVEC what if we never forget Earcandy recordings
12 GERALDINE TORRES la vie sur les os L’autre distribution
JAKE BUGG on my one Virgin / EMI records
13 SOAN celui qui aboie One hot minute / Wagram
CELTIC SOCIAL CLUB a new kind of freedom 10h10 / Cristal records
PULLED APART BY HORSES the haze Caroline
HANNI EL KHATIB savage times Because music
LAURA COX BAND hard blues shot Verycords
14 WAMPAS Evangelisti Verycords
15 CANNIBALE no mercy for live Born bad records
ME AND THAT MAN me and that man Cooking vinyl
16 HITS hard nuts Raccoon moon
17 DEFIBRILLATORS electric fist Autoprod
18 REPUBLIK exotica LADTK / L’autre distribution
19 NO MONEY KIDS hear the silence Roy music
20 LAST TRAIN weathering Barclay / Universal
21 BUNS out of bounds Believe music / Differ-ant
22 ESKELINA la verticale l’atelier du pélican
23 TRAM DES BALKANS kobiz project les entétés / l’autre distribution
MANDO DIAO good times BMG
24 HALASAN BAZAR burns R P U T / Bertus
MOTHER’S CAKE no rhyme, no reason Membran
25 GUNWOOD traveling sool zanna label / l’autre distribution
26 FAUT QUE CA GUINCHE j’ai embrassé un punk quart de lune / Musicast
27 BAGDAD RODEO trois Autoprod
BRITISH SEA POWER let the dance inherit the party Caroline
28 LE SKELETON BAND tigre – teigne Head records / la baleine
CAPSULA dreaming of the rise and fall Vicious circle
29 MERZHIN Babel live Verycords
CARLO BARBAGALLO neuf Wild love records
30 VALAIRE oobopopop Indica records
VALERIE JUNE the order of time Caroline
GROENLAND a wider space Bonsound
FINK Sunday night blues club Ninja Tune
31 MAGYD CHERFI catégorie reine LKP
PAMELA HUTE highline My dear recordings
32 ISAAC DELUSION golden boy Microquima records / PIAS
33 BETTY BONIFASSI lomax Hi-lo music
34 LOLOMIS boukane Buda / Socadisc
WATERMELON SLIM golden boy Dixiefrog
35 FRANCOIS & THE ATLAS MOUNTAIN solide miracle Domino records
SPOON hot thoughts Matador
SEAN ROWE new lore Anti records
36 DARCY tigre Verycords
37 MADCAPS slow down Howlin banana records
LEFT LANE CRUISER claw machine wizard Alive naturalsound records
VAITEANI vaiteani Matu hani / Sony
38 MATMATAH plates coutures Upton park / l’autre dist.
H BURNS kid we own the summer Because Music
39 ZENZILE elements Yotanka / PIAS